In cooking, the “extra touch” is the chef’s
added ingredient that makes the dish
difficult to forget.
Here you can find the extras we offer you
to make a dream holiday come true.

Little extra touches

  • babysitting


    free time

    Someone who want to spend a night out with only-adult friends or go out for a special dinner in a fancy restaurant? The kids will be safe at the Villa with one of our babycare assistants.
    If you look just for one night or a prolonged help during the stay, please request at the time of booking and we will provide the best solution for your needs.

  • housekeeping


    Housekeeping at your will

    If you have special housekeeping requests, we have special housekeeping services for your needs: simply ask for what you want at the time of booking and we’ll provide you the best solutions available.

  • pizza-making-experience

    Pizza making

    Make the dough, pour on tomato sauce, cook it!

    The secret for a perfect pizza?

    Ask 10 Italians, you will receive 11 correct answers.
    We offer you the opportunity to have a pizza masterclass with a real Italian “pizzaiolo” directly at the Villa: you will learn how to make dough, how to season the pizza at your will, and how to cook it in your dedicated wood oven, just beside the barbecue.
    It’s the perfect activity for families with children. Pizza time.

  • cooking-class

    Cooking class

    Learn Italian cuisine at the villa

    You love cooking and want to learn something more about Italian cuisine so that you can replicate wonderful dishes once back home? We offer an exclusive experience at the villa: book your cooking class with a private chef at your location. You will learn techniques, tricks, and how to make lovely dishes for your loved ones with the guide of a professional Italian chef. You will also learn how to make fresh pasta yourself, starting from flour, water and a bit more.

  • home-chef

    Home chef

    Your home, your chef

    If you want to enjoy the Villa experience at its best, and completely disconnect from day-to-day routine, we offer you the chance to have a personal home chef: entirely dedicated to you and your guests.

    It’s your house, your needs, your desires, your diet.

  • vespa-rental

    Vespa or Car rental

    Vespa or car rental

    If you want to explore the heart of Italy by car, or simply fancy to drive to the seaside between hills and olive trees, we can provide you the best solution for your needs.
    And if a car is the right choice for medium/long range trips, a beautiful Vespa may be the best companion to have a ride in the nearby Orvieto or to the Bolsena Lake, for a great aperitivo at sunset.
    Simply ask us, we’ll sort it out.

  • welness-spa

    Wellness & Treatments

    Enjoy our Wine SPA

    During many years, we perfected wellness and treatment solutions based on our organic extravirgin olive oil and our wines: we offer you wine & oil therapies with massages and rituals that combine cosmetics, nature and pharmacological science.

  • extra-spesa-at-home

    Spesa at home

    Get your fridge and pantry packed

    If you plan to really enjoy an authentic Italian summer escape or simply like to have some specific foods and beverages the very moment you enter the Villa, let us know: we will provide your grocery (“spesa” in Italian) in advance and you will find it there, simply by opening the fridge.